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There's not much to tell about me, you can just call me Silver or DJ...those are the names I go by usually. (im rlly bad at about me's and i hate writing in proper grammar it seems way too serious SO lets get comfortable, ok?) i like playing video games, animating, drawing, and making fursuits!! i rlly love dogs and the show wakfu. im very excited to start this little "business" up, i really love working with other ppl's characters whether it be with digital art or animation or anything! it's a very rewarding experience for me when ppl like what i do with their designs. 

im a very casual person, i get comfortable with ppl easily so don't ever hesitate to contact me at any time during your suit's creation! and of course if you just want to chat, im always open for that. i'll do my best to ensure that the creation process is a pleasurable experience and that you are happy with the result!! so please let me know exactly what you want so i can get it just right! i will do my best to create a piece you are satisfied with, and get it done in a timely manner. but please take into consideration that i work alone, and i want to make sure the finished product is the best i can do. i will give you an estimated completion time once i see your character's design, because the time it will take will depend on the complexity of the design. 

oh, and please read all of the information regarding commissions before you decide to buy! i'd hate for there to be any surprises, so please read over all policies and review my other works to make sure my style is what you want!

thanks for reading! n_n