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If you have any questions or if you are interested, fill out a quote form or check out the contact page to see where you can get in touch with me!

**Note: I do NOT live in a pet-free home! I have two dogs, so if you are allergic, please keep that in mind!**

((prices are in the process of being revised))

Starting prices:


         Foam: $420

         *Kobracast: $450

Head+tail: $470

Partials (head, tail, hand+feet paws, arm sleeves): $580

Tails: $40-55 (depends on size)

Handpaws: $55

Feetpaws: $70

*I only offer moving jaws for Kobracast heads, static jaws are an option for these heads but they are built for moving jaw purposes thus look much better that way. The moving jaw feature does not affect the price, however the time it takes to create these bases does. Kobracast bases take more time than foam bases, therefore cost more. I have not been able to create a successful moving jaw with foam heads, so I only offer static jaws on them. 

These prices may vary! Prices depend on the complexity of the character. Starting prices are an estimate for suits that utilize ONE fur color, no markings, etc. It's basically the minimum of what a suit will cost.The more colors, markings, etc will increase the price not only because of the cost of supplies, but also time it will take to create. Please keep that in mind!! The prices above are not going to be the exact cost of your suit unless your character is a plain color with no markings.

I also accept commissions for fursuit accessories, such as collars, glasses, bows, etc. or anything you might want, really! Feel free to discuss with me anything you like, if there's something you'd like to commission that isn't listed you can let me know and we can work out concepts and prices!

What I Need: 

In order to create a suit that both fits comfortably and looks natural, I need a few things from you so that I can get measurements right. 

If you are commissioning handpaws, I'll need a tracing of your hand. If you aren't able to send one, measurements of the length of your fingers and the length from your middle finger to your wrist will work fine, though tracings will provide more accurate measurements. If you're commissioning outdoor feetpaws, I'll need your shoe size. For indoor feetpaws (sockpaws) I'll need a duct tape dummy of your feet or the size sock you wear. If it's easier for you, you may provide your own shoes, socks, gloves, etc that fit you well so I can build off of those for a perfect fit!

 If you're commissioning a partial, this does include arm sleeves. I'll need a measurement of your arm from your shoulder to your wrist, and the width of your arm at both your lower arm and upper arm.

For tail commissions I'll only need you to tell me how long or how large you want it, it doesn't require any precise measurements unless you want to provide some. If you're commissioning a fursuit head, you'll need to give me a few measurements of your head. They are listed below:

Payment methods: 

I only accept payment in USD through paypal. Payment plans depend on the customer, we will work out a plan that works for you. However, I do require a payment of 30% of the full price to begin your commission. I will not ship your suit until you have paid for it in full. You don't have to pay to hold a spot on the waiting list, but if someone below you gets their first payment in before you they will be moved above you. The first payment decides where you land on the waiting list.

**ALSO! If you are commissioning handpaws, tails, feetpaws, or any other lower priced piece the payment plans will be different. We can discuss this personally.**


The customer pays for shipping. I will ship international, but be aware of the shipping is quite pricey! If the suit needs to be returned for refurbishing or to be fixed, I will pay for my return shipping. The customer has to pay to ship it back to me, but I will pay to ship it back to them once it has been fixed. This does not apply for international customers, so please keep that in mind. I will do my best to get your suit just right the first time, but if for some reason your suit is not fitting right or you want a few more features added later on I encourage you to ship it back so I can fix any issues.

**I will not refurbish every suit, we will have to discuss the issues you are having and I will decide if the issue calls for a refurb. I obviously cannot accept every request to fix problems, as that would get too costly. Please be sure it is a major issue if you are going to request a refurbish/fix.**

Return policy: 

If you receive your suit and are not satisfied with the result, you may ship it back and you will be refunded 40% of your full payment. There are no additional fees for returning suits to be refurbished or tweeked. 

Cancellation policy:

You may cancel your commission at any time. However, the refund you receive will vary depending on when you cancel. If you cancel during the concept stage or before the first payment, cancellation is free of course. If you cancel after your first payment is made, you will not get that money back. The first payment is non-refundable, it covers the cost of supplies and the beginning of construction of your suit. If you cancel further than 50% through the building process, you will be refunded 50% of the full cost of the suit if you have paid it in full. If you have paid less than 50% of your full payment by the time you want to cancel and the suit is over 50% complete, you will not receive a refund of what you paid so far. If you cancel once the suit is done you will be refunded 50% of the full cost. If there is an emergency, you may talk to me about getting more of your money back. However, please understand that there is NO guarantee you will get more than 50% of your money back because that is the policy, and I must be fair. Either way, the first payment will not be refunded under any please make sure you are ready when you commit to buy!