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Below are the slots available for commissions. To get your name on the waiting list, you must commit to buy your piece. This means you're certain you're interested in buying, you don't have to have your first payment in yet. However, if someone pays their first payment before you they will be bumped ahead of you. 

The number of slots available will depend on how much time I have available to work on suits. 

You may take your name off the list at any time. If commissions are closed for a time, I will have a notice at the bottom of the list, and additional slots cannot be filled at that time. Any additional important information regarding commissions status will also be at the bottom of the list.


A $ after a name indicates that the customer has paid their first payment, and their spot is secure on the list. If the name has no $ by it, the customer has not paid yet and their spot is temporary and can change if someone else pays before them.

Slot 1: Rubin $

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED FOR THE MOMENT. I'm also revising my prices, so I cannot give accurate quotes at the moment. You can still fill out forms though, and i'll get back to you when I have the new prices figured out. I'm expect I'll open slots again in the summer n_n