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hi! i'm leafe (also known as silver and a hundred other internet nicknames lol) i like to keep this website neat and professional looking but here's the section about moi so i'm gonna type i type haha. i love animating & drawing, and taking selfies! i graduated from KCAI in may 2018 and majored in animation! so i guess i'm a professional now?! 

i started making fursuits for fun in like...2010? my first suit was a horrendous mess and i've been working on improving ever since! i took a pretty long break (like, years) from making suits because of school...if there's one thing you need to know about art school (specifically being an animation major) it's that you will have little to no free time for like 4 years haha

but! i'm back at it, and i'm glad i have time to do it again. i love sculpting and sewing, so making suits is a really fun way to combine the two! i'm excited to see where my fursuit style goes from here.

as for understanding who you'll be dealing with as a maker, i'm a very casual person. don't ever feel hesitant to contact me at any time during your suit's creation! i'm always happy to provide updates, status checks, WIP pics, and anything else you'd like throughout your time as a customer. i'll do my best to ensure that the creation process is a pleasurable experience and that you are happy with the result!! so please let me know exactly what you want so i can get it just right! i will do my best to create a piece you are satisfied with, and get it done in a timely manner. but please take into consideration that i work alone, and i want to make sure the finished product is the best i can do. i generally do not work with deadlines when making suits, as i make them in my spare time and personal or work related things almost always come up. i will provide an estimated completion time if you would like one, though!

oh, and please read all of the information regarding commissions before you decide to buy! i'd hate for there to be any surprises, so please read over all of my policies and review my other works to make sure my style is what you want!

thanks for reading! hope to work with you soon!